The Importance of Loving Yourself

Us blacks suffer with a disease called self hate. Just like a disease it is hereditary and possibly in our genes. Passed down from our ancestors in the slave trade to the unfortunate decendants today.

I still find myself annoyed at how our ancestors did not get counselling or help after slavery. They went through terribly awful things. No human being should be treated less than an animal.

The problem is that us blacks were never taught how to love ourselves. How can we ever truly love another person without loving ourselves first?

Sometimes we change ourselves for the wrong reasons. Perhaps we feel ugly and want to get plastic surgery for a new nose. Or look in the mirror and feel fat and disgusted with ourselves.

You need to be satisfied with your body, they way you speak, the colour of your skin etc…  If you don’t, you’re never going to be happy with your imperfections.
Loving yourself is a very difficult thing to do especially in this day and age.

We have to remind ourselves that everyone has imperfections and insecurities. Maybe they’re just better at hiding it than you: )

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Keep smiling



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