Sleep tight, my darling- a free children’s short story

This is a short story for you to read to your children at night. There are four parts to this story. Suitable for any child.

Please leave a comment telling me if you’d like me to continue writing children’s stories. I’d love to publish this as well if people like it that much. Thanks. X

Part 1

Little Aaron snuggled with his teddy bear and fell asleep. Little Aaron dreamt every night…

Sometimes he’d dream of being in a jungle. Other times he’d dream about flying in the sky. Like a bird, free to wonder the earth.

Little Aaron had never had a bad dream. All his dreams were good and made him happy. But tonight wouldn’t be the same.

Little Aaron would have his first bad dream…

Part 2

Little Aaron was now stuck in a nightmare. He was in the middle of a dark dark room. Aaron burst into tears and walked forward until he bumped into a wall. He felt around for a door and couldn’t find one.

Little Aaron burst into tears, his heart was beating fast. “Mama!” He cried.

He heard chanting but poor Aaron could not understand what was being said.

“Hello?” Aaron screamed.” Mama!”

Suddenly Aaron remembered what his mama had told him.

“If you’re ever in trouble Aaron, call on Yahuah and he will guide you and help you. I love you son and he does too.”

“Yahuah!” Aaron called out, sobbing desperately into his jumper.” Please help me! Please!”

Part 3:

All of a sudden he heard a voice.

“Stand up.” The voice was powerful and the room trembled and the chanting stopped. Aaron quickly stood to his feet.

A bright light shone down from the top of the room and a man stood in the middle.

Aaron shook with fear and dropped to his knees.

“Stand up. You are not to bow down to anyone but Yahuah. Yahuah has sent me to you. Do not fear.” The man held out his hand and Aaron took it.

Part 4:

When Aaron awoke it was morning , he was sweating and called for his mother. The sun welcomed itself into his room.

“Mama!” He heard his bedroom door open and his mother entered the room.

His mother settled into his bed and he hugged her. He smiled excitedly.

“I had a bad dream last night and Yahuah saved me!”

His mother’s eyes brightened and so did her smile.” Oh sweetheart, I told you he would. Tell me all about it…”



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