How to deter cats from your garden 

I love cats; I do not like it when they enter my garden pooing and peeing everywhere, digging up soil and tearing my vegetables.

Yesterday my mother ( I’m fourteen) saw a large grey cat digging up my vegetable patch. She was furious and threw a stick at it immediately and the cat ran away.

Unfortunately we aren’t always around to throw a stick at a cat; however there are some ways to deter them.

1. Collect some water bottles, pour water in them and place them into the soil, around your vegetable or flower patch. Cats will not like their reflection peering back at them and run away. Yay!

Or your can make a border with bamboo sticks.

2. Buy the SCAREDY CAT PLANT – Coleus canina hybrid. This plant supposedly smells of dog urine and deters other animals too! Try growing Rosemary and Lavender. Cats hate the smell as well.

3. Strategically place prickly bushes around the garden.

4. Try using a sonic cat scarer. Cats dislike the noise but us humans won’t be able to it.

5. Chilli or Cayenne pepper might work however it could cause serious damage to the cats.
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