Stop associating ISIS with Islam

Just because someone calls themself something, doesn’t mean they actually are. What I mean by this is: just because terrorists call themselves muslims doesn’t mean they are.

I’m not Muslim myself and understand this. KKK murdered hundreds or thousands of black people America. They called themselves Christians but are they really?

Killers can seem like normal people; behind the mask they are murderers. People hide behind something because they know that they will be exposed if they don’t.

We have to stop associating bad things with good things- Bad people with good people. They’re not the same.

This is a very short post. Follow my blog for more posts. : ) What do you think on this topic?


3 thoughts on “Stop associating ISIS with Islam

  1. At moment this is SO MUCH IMPORTANT. The people who even read a page of quran would never put on guns to kill innocents. As you said they don’t become muslims just by saying that, if you don’t preach &practice Quran what type of muslim are you? Never judge a person by his/her religion.
    You know what I must Thank you. This is such an important topic! Brilliant job &Thank you!👏

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  2. So you’re saying that you bèlieve terrorists want to look like nice people, and so call themselves Muslims (or Christians, etc.) for their cover? Interesting thought! Thing is, I think that, though maybe it started that way, now, for SOME reason, they are just trying to be terrorists AND make Islam look bad. No, I’m NOT Islamic, but our Father gives us free choice! Oh, by the way, I like short posts. 😀

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